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Here are a few photos of tortoises that I've taken in our travels. This was originally in one page but I decided to separate them per location because the page got too long. So here's a summary of all the locations. Each one is linked to the corresponding page.

1) Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum, Singapore

2) Indianapolis Zoo, USA

3) Taipei Zoo, Taiwan

4) Avilon Zoo, Philippines

5) Seoul Zoo, Korea

6) Dusit Zoo, Thailand

7) Various Places, Philippines (You Are HERE)

8) Toronto Zoo, Canada

9) Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens

10) Congo Charlie Farm, Philippines

<More to be added to this list>

Tortoises in the Philippines, Various Places

Here are some awesome pictures that I personally shot but the tortoises are are not mine. How I wish they were!

Photos Coming Soon


high yellow Radiated tortoise
My first encounter with a high yellow Radiata. This is the best high yellow I've ever seen! I regret not buying it back then.

aldabra tortoise
Photo with Dagul, the Aldabra tortoise in Congo Charlie, Bulacan! For more Congo Charlie photos, please click HERE


More photos coming soon



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