"Home of the first captive-bred Radiated tortoises in the Philippines"


Radiated tortoise male, female, and hatchling
Soda, Cola, and our Radiated Tortoises
King and Queen of the Garden

"Soda" is our male Radiated tortoise and is the eldest resident of the garden. We've had him since he was only 4 inches. He's now around 14 inches and more than 8 kilos. Of all the tortoises we've kept since 1999, Soda is the friendliest. He consistenly approaches us to be p...

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Radiated tortoise hatchling Philippines
Radiated Tortoise Breeding Project
Documenting Our Progress

14 Years in the Making! After working with this species since 2002, hard work and perseverance finally paid off! This is possibly the first captive bred Radiated tortoise in the Philippines, or at least the first one fully documented online. Congrats to Soda and Cola!

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Taking Care of Tortoises in the Philippines
Taking Care of Tortoises in the Philippines
Tortoise Caresheet

There are a lot of articles about tortoises in the internet but there aren't a lot written for hobbyists in the Philippines. We usually get a lot of questions in our page, so this summarizes most of the questions that we get. I hope it helps!

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Mocha the Sulcata tortoise mouth wide open
Mocha, The Sulcata Tortoise
Our Beloved Sulcata Tortoise Stud

"Mocha" is our adult male Sulcata tortoise. We got him in 2007 along with three 2.5-inch baby Sulcatas from a DENR WFP permitee. We didn't know he'd turn out to be a male. Looking back, we wish we didn't give him such a girly name.

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hatchling tortoise
Cracker, The Indian Star Tortoise
First Hatch Ever

On April 16, 2006, we produced our very first and only IST hatchling. We named him Cracker. This was a very special moment with a lot of firsts. Bashful, our very first tortoise laid her first clutch of eggs which produced our first ever captive-bred tortoise! This section s...

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Indian Star tortoise breeding
Indian Star Tortoise Breeding Project
Documenting Our Progress

We are once again breeding Indian Star tortoises! They were our first tortoises back in 1999 and we were able to produce only one hatchling in 2006. But now, we've also made it our goal to breed this beautiful species again

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Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum in Singapore
Photos of Tortoises From Around The World
A Few Photos From Our Travels

In our travels, I always try to visit zoos, parks, or friends' places that have tortoises in them. It's not always easy to look for places that have them. So this section might be interesting for fellow hobbyists.

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tortoise replicas and figurines
Tortoise Replicas & Figurines
Our Collection of Tortoise Replicas and Figurines

This section showcases some of our tortoise replicas which are very life-like. I've also included some of my old collection of tortoise figurines bought from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, and other countries. You will see a few of our preserved tortoises...

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tortoise memes
Tortoise Memes
Tortoises with a Sense of Humor

Featuring some of our very own tortoise memes. Feel free to share and use them.

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radiated tortoise philippines
In Memory of Whitey
This Website is Dedicated to Our First Radiata

"Whitey" had a white forehead, unlike most Radiatas. So we named her Whitey. I got her when I was still a student taking my undergrad degree in 2002. We had a lot of challenges together but we made it through. She was already 13 inches and ready to breed soon. She was a good...

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radiated tortoises in the philippines
About Soda's Tortoise Garden
Our Story

The journey of Soda's Tortoise Garden started as a simple hobby when I got two Indian Star tortoises on December of 1999 from a petshop nearby. I was so excited about them that by the end of January 2000, I had 7 ISTs. I was then just starting my Engineering degree and had o...

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